EFW Capital Advisors is an independent specialized financial boutique focused on global natural resources: Energy, Food and Water (EFW) efficiency.

Formed as a Partnership and based in Lausanne (Switzerland), EFW Capital is led by 8 investment professionals, and operates through three divisions: EFW Innovation Investments, EFW Listed Equity and Corporate Advisory.

Our Vision, in the context of increasing natural resources scarcity, is that efficiency in the management of natural resources is no longer a luxury, but has become a fundamental necessity for corporate survival.

Our Mission is to further disseminate knowledge on the unequivocal advantages of efficient and responsible actions in this context, highlighting the risks associated with less successful efforts, with the objective of inspiring leaders in government, business and society to engage in a more efficient consumption of natural resources (especially Energy, Food & Water) and help accelerate the transition to a more resource efficient economy.

To help achieve our Mission, we aim to identify companies, both private and listed, that are successfully addressing Energy, Food and Water scarcity through very high and proven efficiency standards. We are the owner and developer of the successful EFW Efficiency Index (EFWI).